Reflections on the First Term of School 2012

My children are finishing the first term of this school year on Friday.  Going into it, I was quite stressed.  My daughter was starting school for the first time (prep year, Queensland, Australia) and my son was going back to school (grade 3) with his official aspersgers diagnosis.

The First Day went smoothly, Princess walked into her classroom, turned around and told me that I could go, no tears just ready to start her day.

Jedi/spy/ninja was a bit concerned because his class has been changed to previous two years and he didn’t want it to happen again.  I have to admit I was worried about this too, because his absolutely amazing grade 2 teacher ( the first one to agree with me about the ASD thing) had hand picked his grade 3 teacher and then sent him to her with messages and even just to tell her a joke for the last 6 months and I didn’t want to lose that. (More about her in a later post). We didn’t, he is still in her class.  She is also absolutely amazing, He hasn’t had one major meltdown at school yet this year. Not one. Minor things sure, but just tears or the anxious pulling of his fingers.  She works with him and around him if he isn’t happy.  For example, he doesn’t like anyone else to sit at his desk if they are doing group work, so she never makes him move to another group of tables. (She grabbed me the other day and told me he moves now, his own choice).  One day one of the other students actually helped him to move his desk so that he could sit at it.  I love his class.  I love his teacher and I love his school.

My princess’s teacher is actually my son’s old grade 2 teacher.  That is totally the best thing that could have happened because my son didn’t want to leave her but now he gets the best of both worlds because he can see her everyday.  My girl loves her and is having the best time in prep.  They have studied the post office, snow (northern Australia has no snow so that would have been fun) in summer and hats.  The highlight of her first term of school was the post person visiting and letting every one of the 45 prep students press the horn on her scooter, right in the middle of the school, during class time.

So tonight, while I look back on the first term of school for the year, I have to say that my stress levels have gone down.  It went better than any other first term I have faced with my son and was an excellent start for my girl.  I can only hope and pray that each term this year is as good.


About spymummy

I am a stay at home mum of 2. My boy has aspergers and my daughter does not. His obsession is Star Wars/Ninjago and he is agent in charge of the family spy group (shhh, don't tell any one) and she is a Princess.
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